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Problems using VS2013

first post: bradut wrote: Hi AlexDev, I've tried to open the solution "BabylonNativeCs.sln"...

Winforms example plz

first post: mentalarray wrote: Hello thanks for the great work is it possible to include a c# Wi...

latest post: mentalarray wrote: Thank you alexdev

Timeline of the project - Comparison with Monogame

first post: dsman wrote: Consider me noob, but I want to know how difficult this project is ...

latest post: AlexDev wrote: this project has moderate difficulty. 1) I will update it soon, it...

What's new

first post: AlexDev wrote: Now Babylon 3D can read .babylon files

latest post: AlexDev wrote: zsjdingbo wrote: Where is Spaceship.babylon? you can download it ...

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